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Pendulum Of Fortune

Hard Rock

Pendulum Of Fortune Band PicThe crew of Pendulum Of Fortune consists of international top-musicians with a lot of experience. Drums-veteran Bodo Schopf already has worked with Michael Schenker Group and Udo Lindenberg. David Readman aquired renown as the singer of Pink Cream 69. Bassist Franky R. played with MSG too, but also with Ronnie James Dio and Kingdom Come. Vladimir Shevyakov (lead guitar) and Matze Erhardt (keyboards, guitar) complete the team. The specialised press praised the band very much and the musicians shine with volatile joy of playing and total perfectness.

Bodo Schopf (Drums)
David Readman (Vocals)
Vladimir Shevyakov (Lead Guitar)
Franky R (Bass)
Matze Erhardt (Guitars, Keyboards)

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